How I Don’t Ever Get Embarrassed… I Mean Like Ever

I’m not joking I really don’t ever get embarrassed.

In today’s world where our lives are on constantly on show and open to judgement, I understand why so many people scared of other people’s opinion. They truly have become unavoidable. However, the sooner you realise that no one truly gives a fuck because everyone themselves are too busy being paranoid, I swear you will feel the weight lift off your shoulders.

I mean it, everyone else is so vain and self consumed these days that I gurantee whatever “embarassing” thing you did, it really wasn’t that bad. Woke up with the fear on a Sunday? Literally everyone else has.Everyone else is too busy worrying about what they said or what they did to even give you a passing thought. Fell off the stage during your dance show? And? You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last who cares, you just have to laugh at yourself.

I also think my inhability to be embarassed stemmed from the reality that I am so insiginifant, and I don’t mean that in a depressing kinda way, I mean it in a libirating way. One you realise how tiny you are in the grand scheme of things you realise how tiny the “embarrassing” things that you do are too. We are on a giant rock floating in space, can anything you do really be that bad? And, if all else fails you can just move country, dye your hair and change your name.

For example, the band that I am in have our first ever gig coming up soon. Am I terrified? Yes, yes I am. Scared that i’ll mess up the words, fall over, burp into the mic or the biggest of my fears, hit an incredibly bum know and watch the audience’s face turn to pain as I screetch into their ears. Will I care? A little I guess, I mean I don’t want to give anyone a sore head. But not enough to let it ruin the rest of the gig because no ones going to remember it in five years time, even a year, and if they do, then their life can’t be all that exciting anyway.

Embarrassment is a state of mind, don’t give into it.



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Gemma Marie Murphy

Gemma Marie Murphy

English & Journalism student. Music editor for the Strathclyde Telegraph. Aspiring writer and member of the LGBTQ+ community. Writing about what matters.